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[03 Nov 2008|03:59pm]
so i started this fashion-type blog like a week ago..
go check it out and comment!
i would love you forever if you did!





[30 Oct 2008|11:32am]
i feel like i've turned over a new leaf.
and i'm still kind of working on it, but i think i'm starting to feel so much better about things.
i think a lot of it probably has to do with the medication, but i'm glad. it makes me worry less about stupid little things.
i finally got an appointment with the therapist who has been recommended to me a million times.. november 5th. yay!
i just want to meet new people. and i'm so happy that i got to spend time with sarah from my english class! she's so nice, and easy to talk to. we're having our own little halloween party tomorrow night, it'll be fun.

and saturday night lainie and i'm assuming shane too, are coming over!!!!
i love when they come over!! i miss my lainie so much.

last night julie came over so i could take some senior pictures for her, and i just love that girl.
she's the sweetest ever. and i feel like we can talk about anything, it's nice.

i want to get the chili's waiter's number so bad. he was HOT.


[14 Oct 2008|11:49pm]
i'm in such a weird place in my life right now.
i'm not at peace with anything.
last week, thursday, could probably qualify for one of the worst moments of my life.
how can someone just decide they don't love you anymore?
and then try to take it back two days later?
it doesn't make any sense.

i'm separating myself from him for at least a week, hopefully longer, to think about things.
if he tries to contact me, i'm ignoring him.
i just can't believe how excruciatingly painful it is to hear someone say they're no longer in love with you. it really messes with your head, after hearing that. and then for that person to say "sorry, i don't know what i was thinking" and expect that it's all better. it's not all better.

i've been talking to a few people about what i should do about all of this, and i know that in the end, i'm the only one who can decide what to do.
will we be together when he comes for christmas? should we date other people between now and then? i don't know.
i just need some time to think. and maybe me not talking to him will make him realize some things too. maybe he'll realize how much he misses me when i'm not in his life, even if only for a week or two.

i was starting to feel a lot better about things before all of that happened too.
i was starting to feel as though my life was not in pieces anymore. i wasn't happy yet, by any means. but i was getting there. and i hate that this is ruining it. i don't want this to ruin it, but it is.

that's enough incomplete thoughts for now i suppose.

[02 Oct 2008|12:14am]
nothing is right. everything is wrong.

[30 Sep 2008|03:43am]
something is missing.

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